West Tennessee Drones,Memphis area drones


The average cost of Drones are high and the FAA regulations do not allow you to use these Drones for business unless you aquire a FAA 333 Exemption that a Lawer will need to write and an average 5 month wait to process.
Why wait I could do it now and at the fraction of the cost!
The Mission of JJB Inspections is to develop a new type of commerce in Western Tenneessee 
I have over 37 Years in Remote Controlled Aircraft experence in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft.
This experience includes building,reparing,testing and flying
a varety of aircraft.
JJB Inspections offers a multitude of services,including:
  • Aerial Serveying
  • Agriculture and livestock monitoring
  • Real Estate Photography and Presentation
  • Aerial Filmmaking and Photography
  • Construction site Inspections and monitoring
  • Emergency Search and Rescue